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Notes on Barry Wakelin, speaking to the Senate Inquiry on Napandee nuclear waste dump plan

28 July 20,Barry Wakelin.  from Kimba S.A. :   I  have sent 3 submissions. The issue is of great concern  to the community. The planned radioactive wastes include 3 cubic metres of  Synroc wastes.  The issue is of Intermediate Wastes.  The Napandee plan  – Trying to deal with  something that nobody else wants.
I am concerned at removal of ability for judicial  review. The ILW seems to be a stumbling block.  The abolition of the words “radioactive wastes” in favour of “controlled substances”.   In 30 years time the volume of Intermediate Level Wastes (ILW) is said to be small. But we do not hear about plans for the reduction of nuclear wastes.
Senator Gallacher brought up the subject of  medical radioactive wastes -” we  transport 10,000 doses a week without mishap”
Wakelin.  What is the difference between medical wastes and ILW.  We were advised that without a Kimba dump, nuclear medicine would not be available in Australia.  There are many alternative places for lLW that are not on agricultural land.  The Government’s own adviser says that nuclear waste would be a corporate disaster for BHP.
Sen Gallacher.    In a democracy we must accept the over 50% of Kimba community were supportive
Wakelin.  It was a propaganda war in Kimba. It’s about 0.02 of South Aust community who voted for the dump.  Atually ony 54% of Kimba.  $2 million was put to Kimba before the vote Up to$3 millionn for this little parcel of land. Queensland woud have required  a referendum for such a  decision.
Why couldn’t we have a South Australian vote,as Queensland would have?
The waste facility is not a drought saver.   Put the agricultural revenue beside the  waste revenue, agricultural revenue would be much greater
There has been much support for the movement opposing the waste facility, movement led by Peter Woolford –  400 members  “No Nuclear Waste on Agricultural Land”.  There’s strong feeling across the State.  Our polling shows 70% of South Australians do not want this waste at Kimba .    We’re about not adding risks to risks already for export industry.
When it comes to jobs, it is 45 supposed waste jobs as against 150 jobs in agriculture.
South Australian Premier is quiet  about  this matter. South Australian law  prohibits nuclear waste dumping.  I can’t comment on Liberal Party matters.  I ave been criticised for being  supportive of the plan for a dump at  Woomera.    If you look at the costs, you could do alternatives for ILW.   The best site is not Kimba.  This is a short term plan -at Kimba  – only30 years. That is the government’s present position.  I would support Woomera as the planned site.
 Farmers tend not to look for handouts, not to be bribeable.   We’ve put in money ourselves for the “No” campaign.  The corporate world has offered us not one cent.
Much money from the  tax-payer has been given to the “Yes”  case

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