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Keep uranium in the ground!  

Keep uranium in the ground!

Nuclear is part of the old, dirty and dangerous way of producing energy. In the age of cheap, reliable, clean energy, we just don’t need it. 21 Aug 20,

The media have reported that NSW Cabinet members have bowed to pressure from One Nation Leader Mark Latham and Nationals Leader John Barilaro to overturn a ban on uranium exploration and mining.

But there is still time for people like you and me to stop this disaster. Cabinet is set to make a decision this Monday (August 24), ahead of a vote in parliament.

WE URGENTLY NEED YOU to ask your MP to commit to voting down this terrible law.

Will you please also ask them to pressure their Party Leader to reject the plan and vote against it if it comes to parliament?

Uranium mining in other parts of Australia has left a terrible legacy of radioactive pollution, including in the Northern Territory where a massive $1 billion clean-up is underway at the Ranger mine in the middle of Kakadu national park.

Toxic uranium mining could become legal in NSW within weeks if your local MP supports a One Nation and National Party deal to overturn a 30-year ban.

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