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Observations on the Senate Radioactive Waste Inquiry Report

Key messages:

  • Report has failed to provide a compelling case for the need for the proposed changes and the legal override
  • The fact that there are multiple responses and findings highlights there is no broad political consensus – this mirrors that there is no broad community support
  • This report does not provide certainty for the project – it remains unproven, unwelcome and this unfinished business will remain the focus of active contest.

The majority report – Coalition (and I presume but am not certain, some Labor members) predictably recommend the legislation be advanced.

Jenny McAllister – (Labor) has an individual dissenting report that changing the process ‘should not proceed at this time’

Rex Patrick – Independent – has a dissenting report stating the process has been flawed and improper and the waste should go to Woomera

The Greens – have a dissenting report that the legislation should not be advanced and that an inquiry into alternative management options and a consultation with transport corridor communities take place.

The majority reports recommends that the legislation be advanced – with the sop that the department and Barngarla ‘discuss issues and find a pathway for on-going consultation’, including through an independent mediator. These folks are graduates in the school that no doesn’t mean no – it means not yet.

September 15, 2020 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Federal nuclear waste dump, politics

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