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Federal government hiding its toxic nuclear waste Act under the cover of budget fuss

From A letter from Dr Margaret Beavis,
DR MARGARET BEAVIS, Medical Association for  Prevention of War, 6 Oct 20,
“Hiding behind the budget media extravaganza, tomorrow the Government will hold a senate vote to lock in Kimba as the site for highly radioactive nuclear waste.
The bill will deny any juridical oversight or review, despite major flaws in the proposal. The proposed “temporary storage” of nuclear waste in Kimba is a second -rate cheap solution.
Countries like Finland are spending $5bn on deep geoplogical disposal which is world’s best practice.
In contrast, this plan cost-shifts on to future generations, who are left to do the job properly at great expense.
There are many other problems. These include deliberately misleading marketing, a deciding vote using a biased sample and a complete disregard of traditional owners,
Claims that moving the waste is urgently needed to continue nuclear medicine are patently false.  The federal nuclear regulator, ARPNSA, has been crystal clear that there is absolutely no rush. Low-level waste has been the main focus, yet the elephant in the room is intermediate waste that stays radioactive for 10,000 years.
The people of Kimba remain deeply divided.. Kimba’s vote was biased towards businesses who may profit from the facility. It excluded farmers who live near the site.
At Hawker last ye ar, a much more appropriate 50km radius was used, and the proposal was clearly rejected.
This bill locks in a second-rate process and a second-rate facility that will be a major liability for South Australians in the future. There is plenty of time to do it right.
It is an old political trick to release bad news when no-one is paying attention, known as “taking out the trash”.
But this time the trash is highly radioactive. If this legislation passes, it will come back and haunt South Australians for generations to come.”

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