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Australian government’s controversial Nuclear Waste Bill delayed – not yet debated in Senate

10 Oct 20, The dump legislation didn’t make it on to the Senate floor for debate and voting …

I think the government just ran out of time, they didn’t withdraw the Bill

So over the next week Non Government Organisations,  and farmers and Traditional Owner s will be discussing how best to use the next month

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The American election: nuclear and climate issues -theme for October 2020

The coronavirus epidemic is right now the central human and ecological issue.  I am leaving that one, for other sites to cover.

The nuclear industry has always been the focus of this website.  For this coming election, it’s a sorry tale of woe. The Democrats managed to reject their most popular candidates – Bernie Sanders,  Elizabeth Warren,  who opposed the nuclear industry . The Democrats now orchestrated themselves now into some sort of weaker Republican-type party.  So, no surprise that Joe Biden is pretty much the same as Donald Trump on nuclear power.

We do see significant differences on foreign policy and nuclear weapons control, with Biden showing understanding of these issues, while Trump reveals his typical ignorance and marketing slogan nonsense.

If only the media would probe them on matters nuclear, instead of highlighting trivialities like their latest gaffes.

On global heating, there is a difference.   Donald Trump manages to ignore climate change, and use the horrific bushfires to attack the States on “forest management”  (never mind that federal forests are largely involved).    Importantly, he has pulled America out of the Paris international climate accord.

In his first term, Trump has blocked, weakened, or rolled back 100 environmental, public health, and worker safety regulations. Among them are virtually all the steps Obama took to address climate change, from the Clean Power Plan for the electricity sector to tighter fuel economy standards for transportation, emissions standards on methane for oil and gas operations, efforts to integrate a “social cost of carbon” for agency decision-making, reform of fossil fuel leasing on public land, and energy efficiency standards on light bulbsDavid Roberts, writing in VOX .

Joe Biden plans to recommit to the Paris Accord and ensure that the US achieves a 100% clean energy economy and reaches net-zero emissions by 2050. Biden has also promised a halt to fossil fuel subsidies.  Recently Biden has made a lot of noise about climate change, mainly in attacking Trump. Methinks that Biden’s enthusiasm is rather recent, but he will be pushed towards action by the party.   Cartoon below by JINGJIE LI

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Clean-up for Ranger uranium mine. Rum Jungle mine still a polluted mess


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Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association gets $millions from uranium mining: need for Royal Commission into Native Title

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Biden’s ambitious climate policy (d’ya think Scott Morrison has noticed this?)

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China’s dramatic plan for switch to renewables – a warning to Australia’s fossil-fuel economy

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Climate misinformation advertisements on Facebook, seen by millions

Climate denial ads on Facebook seen by millions, report finds

The ads included calling climate change a hoax and were paid for by conservative US groups, Guardian,  Damian Carrington 9 Oct 20, Adverts on Facebook denying the reality of the climate crisis or the need for action were viewed at least 8 million times in the US in the first half of 2020, a thinktank has found.The 51 climate disinformation ads identified included ones stating that climate change is a hoax and that fossil fuels are not an existential threat. The ads were paid for by conservative groups whose sources of funding are opaque, according to a report by InfluenceMap.

Last month Facebook said it was “committed to tackling climate misinformation” as it announced a climate science information centre. It said: “Climate change is real. The science is unambiguous and the need to act grows more urgent by the day.”Facebook uses factcheckers and bans false advertising but also says this process “is not meant to interfere with individual expression, opinions and debate”. Some of the ads were still running on 1 October. The ads cost just $42,000 to run and appear to be highly targeted, with men over the age of 55 in rural US states most likely to see them.

The Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren said: “InfluenceMap’s devastating report reveals how Facebook lets climate deniers spread dangerous junk to millions of people. We have repeatedly asked Facebook to close the loopholes that allow misinformation to run rampant on its platform, but its leadership would rather make a quick buck while our planet burns and communities – disproportionately black and brown – suffer. Facebook must be held accountable for its role in the climate crisis.”

Warren and other senators wrote to Facebook in July calling on it to close the loopholes.

Facebook’s former director of sustainability Bill Weihl, now at the NGO ClimateVoice, said: “Calling out the climate misinformation issue on Facebook is crucial because the company’s limited attempts to deal with the problem are failing to keep pace with powerful tactics like micro-targeting.”……..

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David Attenborough’s call for ending the consumerism, growth, economy

Attenborough: ‘Curb excess capitalism’ to save nature, BBC, 8 October 2020  

Sir David Attenborough says the excesses of western countries should “be curbed” to restore the natural world and we’ll all be happier for it.

The veteran broadcaster said that the standard of living in wealthy nations is going to have to take a pause.

Nature would flourish once again he believes when “those that have a great deal, perhaps, have a little less”.

Sir David was speaking to Liz Bonnin for BBC Radio 5 Live’s new podcast ‘What Planet Are We On?’.

Speaking personally and frankly, Sir David explained, “We are going to have to live more economically than we do. And we can do that and, I believe we will do it more happily, not less happily. And that the excesses the capitalist system has brought us, have got to be curbed somehow.”

“That doesn’t mean to say that capitalism is dead and I’m not an economist and I don’t know. But I believe the nations of the world, ordinary people worldwide, are beginning to realise that greed does not actually lead to joy.”

Sir David said when we help the natural world, it becomes a better place for everyone and in the past, when we lived closer to nature, the planet was a “working eco-system in which everybody had a share”.

The 10-part podcast is being released on the second anniversary of the publication of a key scientific report on global warming.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change study looked at how the world would cope if temperatures rose by 1.5C by the end of this century.

The IPCC special report, released in October 2018 didn’t “save the planet” but it may yet prove to be the most critical moment in the story of climate change.

The study made two things very clear. The first was that there was a massive difference in keeping the rise in global temperatures this century to 1.5C as opposed to 2C.

Politicians had for years focussed on the higher number – the special report made clear that was a risky strategy, which could see the end of coral reefs and expose millions of people to the threat of floods.

The second key message from the IPCC was that the world could stay under 1.5C if carbon emissions were essentially slashed in half by 2030.

The urgency of the challenge laid out in the report inspired millions of young people to take action. This pressure is filtering up to politicians……..

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Zero interest in the climate 

Zero interest in the climate 

Saturday Paper editorial 

On climate policy, the evidence is clear: ambition isn’t dictated by size, density, population or wealth. It comes down to one factor – how willing a government is to accept that rapid action is needed to avert catastrophic climate change. For nearly a decade, Australia’s government has been allergic to this fact.(subscribers only)

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