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Australian politics in the pandemic, climate, nuclear crises – theme for November 20

I’ve had to update this, in view of changed circustances:

  1. This site from now on will leave pandemic and climate coverage to others, as these issues are being covered so well by others,. Here we will focus on matters nuclear, which are being studiously  ignored in Australia’s mainstream media.
  2. A dramatic win for fair process and against the nuclear lobby has just happened, as Labor and crossbench Senators rejected the government’s Bill to impose a nuclear waste dump on Kimba, South Australia. (But that battle will no doubt continue Minister Pitt, Trump-like, does not like losing)


To be fair, Prime Minister Scott Morrison did a good job – taking the advice of medical science, and promptly dealing with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

But – looking at the longer term –   well, this government just doesn’t look at it!

They thought that coronavirus would magically all be over within a few months.  They have no plan for the , longer term health and economic recovery,

Australia is a leper in the world community, as it refuses to take action against climate change.

The Australian government, hand in glove with weapons-makers, has its politicians freely moving into weapons-making jobs, and vice versa, ignoring the huge conflicts of interest.


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