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Time to rethink Australian government’s flawed plan on nuclear waste dumping

Kazzi Jai, No nuclear waste dump anywhere is South Australia, 30 Oct 20, 

How low can you go Minister Pitt? Scaremongering and guilt tripping now!
We have always been told by ARPANSA, ANSTO and DIIS, and now ex-minister Matt Canavan that should a suitable site NOT be found, isotope access would NOT be affected.
This current proposal is a FLAWED PROPOSAL -and has been right from the start!
We should deal with this nuclear waste once and once only – not double handling as with this current proposal!
And definitely not on agricultural ground – we are Australia, not France. France has NO CHOICE but to do this, as they have run out of room to deal with their ever accumulating nuclear waste from nuclear energy and nuclear weapons over 60 years! And France is half the size of South Australia!
Time to take this FLAWED PROPOSAL BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD and do it properly – finding the very best solution for ALL THE WASTE – ONCE AND ONCE ONLY..
This current proposal – which is just the SAME proposal from forty years ago trotted out yet again – JUST DOESN’T CUT IT!

October 30, 2020 - Posted by | General News

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