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Problems re the planned nuclear waste dump: Some tough questions for the Kimba Council

1. Based on overseas experience every place where some nuclear facility for waste storage and disposal has been established has seen a dramatic reduction in property values

2.  Has the Kimba District Council considered this probable and economically debilitating situation

3.  Is so how and what precautions have been taken by the Council to prevent it and what notification has it given to the community in that regard

4.  If it has not been considered by the Council please explain why having regard to the duty of care that the Council owes to its community to ensure that they do not incur any financial loss

5.  Has it ever been raised by the Council with the government and the responsible ministers and if so what responses has it received

6.  Having now been given notice of this probable economic reversal what does the Council propose to do to prevent or at ameliorate the potential losses in property values for the Kimba community

7. Has or will the Council seek any financial assistance from the government towards the losses incurred by the community on their properties?

8.  Has the Council sought any financial and legal advice with regard to this impending and major financial problem particularly as any economic advantages promoted by the government wold be only a pittance of the losses?


November 2, 2020 - Posted by | Federal nuclear waste dump, South Australia

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