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Another USA organisation abandons its involvement in NuScam’s small nuclear reactors

Heber Light & Power Take The Off Ramp On Nuclear Power KPCW, By CAROLYN MURRAY , 2 Nov 20, The Heber Light and Power Board voted to terminate their investment in the Nu Scale nuclear power program resulting in a total loss of a little overdue to off ramp fees and the original investment.

Heber City Mayor Kelleen Potter is on the Board of Directors and says she voted in favor of pulling out of the carbon free investment because the Department of Energy had backed out. This would leave small cities like Heber in line to be the first risk should something go wrong with the project once it comes online.
“For me primarily it was the subscriptions. The plant is going to be 720 megawatts.  And initially they were up to about 180 subscribed and the Department of Energy was going to take the first 50 so nobody was taking the first risk. Well, the Department of Energy pulled out of that first risk position and just committed $1.3 billion dollars which is great but that leaves the small cities to take the first risk. And many cities have pulled out, a few just before we did and so now they’re down to just over I believe 100 and some number of subscriptions and for me that was kind of the kicker ’cause I thought why are no other people jumping into this? Why are people jumping out? There could be other deeper issues that we aren’t understanding or that nobody likes to take the first risk. But it can’t be small cities like Heber.”
The only dissenting vote from the board came from Wasatch County Council Representative Kendall Crittenden……. ”I’m totally sold on their project. Nuclear, I think, is the wave of the future.”’…..“I think Nu Scale and Fleur. I think they’ve got enough money.”….
November 18 is the next board meeting and includes a public hearing on the proposed budget. It starts at 6 P.M.

November 3, 2020 - Posted by | General News

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