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A win for decency, rationality, co-operation , and science

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris,  and the Democrats have won the American election.

For four years, the world has put up with a lying, narcissistic,  sociopath as American President. Trump has done such damage to civil systems of health and environment, to democratic institutions, and to international relations. He has epitomised the bullying style of leadership that has become so popular and so dangerous in this 21st century world.

Jo Biden, in the way that he ran his campaign, and in his winning speech, demonstrates a completely opposite style –  one of reasonableness, courtesy, and respect for science and democratic agencies.

A key factor today is the appalling state of coronavirus cases, and coronavirus deaths in the USA.  That is a no. 1 challenge to the American administration. Now, they will have a leader who understands the seriousness of the pandemic, and cares.

The Democratic leadership understands the climate crisis, and even if the Senate should be dominated by Republicans, Biden can still rejoin the USA to the Paris Climate Accord. Much action against global heating can be done by executive action, bypassing the Senate,

On the nuclear issue, Biden will almost certainly support international arms control agreements, but not the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.  Unfortunately, the Democratic Party now, as it did under Obama, still basks in the arms  of the ”peaceful”nuclear lobby, and the nuclear weapons making industry.

November 8, 2020 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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