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News this week, especially about nuclear issues

Inundation of news this week, mostly about the USA election. But also about coronoavirus and climate.


The nuclear issue is less covered, and could be seen as less important than those two present world crises.
But here’s the problem. The global nuclear lobby is quietly organising, and the impending Biden-Harris administration in America is giving that lobby new impetus. It has been easier for the anti-nuclear and clean energy movement to oppose the policies of that bullying sociopath Donald Trump. It will be harder to oppose Biden and Kamala, who, like Barack Obama, are supporters of, and beholden to, the nuclear industry.
I have found all the news quite overwhelming this week. While I acknowledge the urgency and importance of coronavirus and climate, I think that, from now on, I might need to confine my news to  nuclear issues, (which is where this newsletter started).  The nuclear threat is going on, as it were, under the radar. Politicians and communities are being sucked in by clever pro nuclear propaganda and financial incentives, all this helped along by slick and uncritical media coverage.
Some bits of good news   Grass Restoration Project is a Virginia Success, Planting 600 Acres That Grow to Become 9,000.Growing food together is growing soul food, too.


CLIMATE. Jo Biden’s win leaves Scott Morrison looking pretty silly on climate policy. Biden as president would pursue climate ‘cheaters’, such as Morrison’s Australia.  Australian govt will feel the heat when a Biden administration rejoins the Paris climate agreement.  Zali Steggall calls on Australia’s chief scientist to clarify position on net zero emissions by 2050.
Australian doctors accuse government of failing on climate change.  Superannuation fund commits to net-zero emission investments after Brisbane man sues.   North of Australia is headed for a severe heatwave.

NUCLEAR. Australian government’s Nuclear Waste Bill – divisive, undemocratic and racist processes.  Farmers go to Canberra, to protest the law that forces a nuclear dump on Kimba’s agricultural land.  South Australia’s Jim Whalley provides nonsensical and misleading propaganda, spruiking small nuclear reactors.  Frazer Nash and The South Australian Chamber of Mines and Energy (SACOME) want nuclear power – “good for the environment”!!   Worry rocket launch site will damage environment (also at Antinuclear)  The plan to use nuclear bombs for fracking in Western Australia.


Politics – what hope for civil society?

The beginning of the end for nuclear weapons?

Some problems that will handicap the development of Small Nuclear Reactors.

As with every week, the Google headlines about nuclear power mostly lead to articles that promote it.

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