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Analysing Christopher Pyne’s article enthusing about proposed Kimba nuclear waste dump

Examining Pyne’s article in The Advertiser – Outdated leftie ideas let nuclear option go to waste.    G. Bannon 8 Dec 20
Pyne claimed to be in the thick of things with Nick Minchin in 1998 when

Howard was wanting to get a dump established.  There are so many things wrong with his article, – (but if you try to address every single one no one would ever listen to you.

He knows how many jobs they were talking about in his day but says there will be 45 jobs during construction and 25 permanent jobs.  When he was involved they were talking about 5 jobs – we’ve all heard that blow out to 15, then 45 and then more than 45.  25 permanent jobs are not part of the current script!  Does that 25 including the Agency in Adelaide and does it include the 12/15? security guys as well as the nuclear physicists in white overalls driving all the forklifts?

* He doesn’t mention Intermediate Level Wastes (ILW)
* He wonders where in the world those opposing the dump think
Australia’s waste should go.  I haven’t heard one person who opposes the
dump say Australia’s waste should go somewhere else.
* He thinks it’s a “no brainer” that the waste should go in “Outback
South Australia”.  Kimba is remote, but it’s cleared, developed, settled and populated – it’s not “Outback”.  Woomera might be getting closer to “Outback”.  He doesn’t mention that.
* He reckons those opposing the dump have “outdated leftie ideology”
and Penny Wong “should be putting Kimba above kale” (Good, funny old Pyney -It’s such a clever line he says it twice)!  I wonder how the kale harvest went at Kimba this year?  I assume that big shed by the road, just before you get into Kimba, stores all the bales of kale to feed those leftie,
Greenie, tree-hugging, NIMBY activists!
* He, Pitty, Rowan and all their mates just want to get this done! Its
hung around too long.  “It’s time” (sounds like a Labor slogan from the
past, doesn’t it?) to make the hard decisions.  I say always be very wary of
people who want to push you into making quick decisions!  What’s the saying?
– “Decide in haste, repent at leisure!”
* He says it is a $200 million project and says the community will
benefit by $31 million.  We know the breakdown – $20 million for the
Community Benefit Programme, $8 million ($2 million/year for 4 years) to
assist businesses to take part in construction and $3 million for Indigenous training and engagement: 20 + 8 + 3 = $31 million – Who or what gets the remaining $169 million?
* He reckons that a dump in Kimba “would be preferable to the more
than 40 sites in the CBD”, then says that the Bill might be defeated by “not in my backyard NIMBYism”.  He lives in Adelaide and wants the stuff to go to Kimba – Not In His Back Yard!

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