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2020 in Australia – a successful year for resistance to nuclear pollution

DAVE SWEENEY | Nuclear Free Campaigner, Australian Conservation Foundation |   15 Dec 20,

A year ago today the then federal resources/radioactive waste Minister Matt Canavan read the room in the Flinders Ranges and stated: “I will no longer consider this site an option for the facility”.

Viva!! This decision was a great tribute to Adnyamathanha, the FLAG crew and wider community resistance.

In the year since

  • Canberra has turned to Kimba where they are facing a stiff fight and have failed in an attempt to rewrite the laws to remove people’s right to legally challenge the waste plan
  • SA Labor, Unions SA and many more civil society groups and state and national voices have come on board against the waste plan
  • The Australian Human Rights Commission acknowledged the three sisters – Vivianne and Regina McKenzie and Heather Stuart as Human Rights Heroes for their radwaste efforts
  • ARPANSA – the federal nuclear regulator – has confirmed that Australia’s worst waste can securely remain at Lucas Heights ‘for decades”
  • Matt Canavan is gone and we have a new Minister – the sixth in as many years – if radioactive waste had the same longevity as federal ministers it wouldn’t be an issue.
  • Collectively we are stalling the deeply flawed federal plan and shifting the story from the search for a postcode to the need for a credible process

Congratulations to all those who successfully defended the Flinders – and strength to those now actively contesting the dodgy Kimba plan.


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