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The Australian government’s shameful record in the Kimba nuclear dump fiasco

I am absolutely disgusted at how the federal government has treated the communities of Kimba and previously Hawker which I  simply could not believe to be possible in Australia

It did not take long to realise how badly and improperly the government dealt with those communities for its own political reasons which has lead to a breakdown of the Kimba community and will probably ruin its agricultural industries

The government should have known from the outset that the unjustified and deliberately misleading information foisted on those communities on such a major issue of national importance would create such strong public opposition which would be difficult to overcome

Had this occurred in another country it would have already been the subject of serious litigation based on human rights yet as much as we pride ourselves on our democratic principles and the rule of law there have been no legal remedies available to the community members opposing the government’s proposals

In opposing the government’s proposals there were many others who shared my views and have helped to displace the legislative process which hopefully will put an end to this most unfortunate and socially insensitive situation

It can only shame our government administration .

December 31, 2020 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Federal nuclear waste dump

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