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Busting the spin on Kimba’s “wonderful” new industry – nuclear waste dumping

Kazzi Jai
  No nuclear waste dump anywhere in South Australia , 31 Dec 2020, 
As 2020 draws to an end, and we welcome 2021 it is important to reflect what a whirlwind year 2020 has been – and I’m not talking about COVID-19!
We have had people claiming “thank goodness we are talking about WASTE and not POLLUTION” with regards to nuclear waste ….and to the dump itself being a “growing tech industry”!!!
We have had “our greatest export, after wheat perhaps— or perhaps before wheat—is our children” – yes that quote is memorialized in hansard – ummmm….pretty sure that’s against the law by the way…..and we have had ….”we’re widely recognized as one of the most informed communities virtually throughout the country but also throughout the world” – ummmm….what about Hawker?…Pretty sure they had the SAME information thrust upon them – surely that makes them TOO “THE” MOST INFORMED!
“Goodness gracious me”- “it’s just getting out of hand” – “I do get a bit sick and tired….” – particularly when they can’t even get the timeline right about how long Kimba has been “in the process”…..Hint – Kimba was taken COMPLETELY off the list in April 2016 and only through one (greedy) person’s perseverance – how much money are we getting for that “very low value farmland” again????….Kimba was back on the short list the following year 2017
Might be the reason DIIS are hesitant to actually PUBLISH the recipients of the latest Community Benefits Program….because IF Kimba had been in the process of this dump for as long as Hawker this should be Kimba’s THIRD Bribe Money submission – not its SECOND!
And WHY is there not a published list of recipients for this latest round? Surely DIIS and NRWMF would be CROWING about how FORTUNATE these towns are to have PARTICIPATED and gotten up to $2 million for their respective communities again. And it WAS communities we were talking about…NOT individuals getting an individual commercial advantage…..BECAUSE that’s right AGAINST the rules isn’t it?
So where is Kimba’s list – since Flinders Ranges Council was happy to print theirs IN JUST A DAY OR TWO OF ANNOUNCEMENT…
Was going to keep this short – although the figure 580 seems to come to mind for some reason….something about documents and accusations of alleged deliberate misleading of the Senate Inquiry…..
These things calling on ACCOUNTABILIITY AND TRANSPARENCY just don’t seem to go away for some reason…….
Anyway….all I wanted to say is that whatever 2021 brings we will be ready for it!
Oh….and thank you to the person for the chuckle doing the rounds about a certain individual needing to be asked to use “plain english” so that her “vague comments” could be properly understood!… 10/10

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