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Phone mayors, government leaders, to promote end to nuclear weapons,

Phone mayors, government leaders to promote end to nuclear weapons, VIC HUMMERT, 3 Jan

One hundred twenty-two countries in the United Nations voted July 7, 2017 to abolish nuclear weapons in a historic agreement (Treaty for Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons) that was hoped for by Adm. Noel Gayler (1914-2010) when he spoke on Aug. 6, 1980, at Hiroshima Memorial Day (1945) at Haverford College in Philadelphia.With 45 years experience in the Navy, Gayler said, “The day we dropped an atomic bomb on Japan we made ourselves entirely defenseless. The day we detonated a hydrogen bomb we made ourselves 1,000 times more defenseless.  The day we detonated a hydrogen bomb we made ourselves 1,000 times more defenseless. The only defense against nuclear weapons is to stop building them!” Three hundred of us rose for five minutes in a standing ovation.

U.S. Air Force Gen. Lee Butler said with authority, “We must destroy nuclear weapons before they destroy us.”

Fifty countries ratified the TPNW in October 2020.

Regardless of who occupies the White House, the Treaty to Prevent Nuclear Weapons will go into effect by Jan. 22.

Seven thousand mayors in 170 countries have joined

Millions of children plead with all of us to phone the mayors and other officials to abolish nuclear weapons. There are nearly 14,000 in the world of 2020. Bulletin of Atomic Scientists editors are convinced 2020 is the most dangerous moment in history. We cannot outlaw a virus, but we can legally forbid building more weapons of mass destruction.

For the future of all, please phone your mayors and government servants to act.


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