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The nuclear waste nightmare continues for Kimba, South Australia

Kazzi Jai Fight to stop a nuclear waste dump in South Australia, 15 Jan 21, 
ONE – the money from Community Benefit Program was EARNED from subjecting these communities – Kimba and Hawker/Quorn – to the MOST DIVISIVE FEDERAL PROPOSAL EVER UNDERTAKEN! These two “finalists” out of six deemed “suitable” by the Federal Government MAY NEVER EVER RECOVER FROM THE EXPERIENCE! This was the worst case of divide and conquer of both small country town communities from within, using the promise of “easy money”.
Thankfully it is over for Hawker/Quorn….but the NIGHTMARE continues for Kimba!
TWO – this is the THIRD ROUND of Community Benefit Program money for Hawker/Quorn and the SECOND ROUND for Kimba.
Kimba was taken completely off the list in April 2016 and was only put back on the following year 2017.
Calling it a “New Community Benefit Program” does not mean that people FORGET which ROUND is involved!
This current one was announced by previous minister Matt Canavan JUST BEFORE the community voting occurred in November (Kimba) and December (Hawker/Quorn) 2019. Submissions occurred mid-2020 and lists released to councils December 2020 with public release January 2021. These projects MUST be completed by mid-2022.
THREE – Where’s the article about Kimba and their Community Benefit Program money this round? Surely Mr Mayor would be only too HAPPY to share HIS sudden WINDFALL as a person of office gaining advancement and advantage personally from the Feds on this one!

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