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Environmental dangers of nuclear waste Cumbria, and Kimba, too?

Paul Waldon  Fight to stop a nuclear waste dump in South Australia, 17 Jan 21, 
 Internal documents released by Britain’s Environment Agency (EA) suggests that in retrospect it was a “mistake” to site Drigg Low-Level Waste Repository (LLWR) on the Cumbrian coast because of its vulnerability to flooding. E.U. documents estimate one million cubic meters of radioactive waste from the last 55 years of dumping is going to leak onto the shoreline in as little as a few hundred years from now.
So would this scenario be a “mistake” for Kimba? However, we do know it’s an agricultural region not shore line property and lets not forget Rowan R. did claim ANSTO’s codified high grade waste under the guise of intermediate waste will be a radioactive issue for only 300 years, defying the scientific belief of 240 thousand + years.

January 17, 2021 - Posted by | General News

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