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Nuclear waste dump plan – ruining the name of the town of Kimba

Paul Waldon Fight to stop a nuclesar waste dump in South Australia, 25 Jan 21 Kimba has already been tagged as an Australian “Shit Town.” Kimba may not tick every box for what criteria defines a shit town, but it ticks enough . We do know it doesn’t have enough people to man a radioactive dump, which is good as the unemployment rate goes, and information of economic hardship isn’t forthcoming as to make any judgement there. Yet the boxes it does tick, would be the elevated prospects of becoming a contaminated environment, a study found that clean environments attract people and businesses, while the closure of the towns hardware store sends a message that other businesses could be struggling, locals shopping outside the community conveys a message that things aren’t right and this is a reduction of sales for the towns remaining businesses and could promote the erosion of existing services.

Oh yeah what about the forever real impact on people’s health, we know it and the government knows it, they have even sanctioned the belief that mental health is an issue with their promise of future grants to try and mitigate the problem, which most people blame on the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and their proposed radioactive dump. Moreover the once united strong community is now divided, people cross the road to avoid their own neighbours and once friends. This is not a environment that is destined to attract new blood to the region
However enough boxes have been ticked to declare Kimba is a shit town.

January 25, 2021 - Posted by | General News

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