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Kimba nuclear waste dump issue is in limbo in the Australian Senate

Friends of the Earth Adelaide  NO nuclear waste dump anywhere in South Australia 31 Jan 21,
Nuclear dump bill is in limbo in the Senate according to Senator Rex Patrick. Here’s a recent letter to a dump campaigner.
Dear Leon,
As requested during our phone call this morning I am sending you the information about the National Radioactive Waste Management Amendment in writing.
At this stage the Bill is somewhat in ‘limbo’. While it remains on the bills/legislation list, it is unlikely that the Government will bring it up for debate because it knows it doesn’t have the support required to get it passed. Labor, The Greens, Rex and One Nation have said they won’t support it so unless some of them backflip on their position it won’t get through. Currently there are 148 bills before Parliament, a few which were introduced back in 2017 and one even dating back in 2015. This indicates how long some of them have been in this ‘limbo’ state. If it is clear that the bill won’t move any further then it could end up falling into the ‘not proceeding’ category.
If this happens the Minister technically has the ability to simply declare Kimba as the site for the National Radioactive Waste Facility but going about it that way would leave the door open for legal cases to be brought against it.
Kind regards,
Kirsty Kubenk
Correspondence Officer
Office of Rex Patrick | Senator for South Australia

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