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Woomera site not chemically suitable for radioactive trash. Neither is Kimba.

Paul Waldon
– 8  Feb 21

The importance of maintaining a reducing chemical environment summarized by the authors of a MIT report as follows:
“In sitting a repository, it is important to select a geochemical and hydrological environment that will ensure the lowest possible solubility and mobility of the waste radionuclides. The geochemical conditions in the repository host rock and surrounding environment strongly affect radionuclide transport behavior. For example, several long-lived radionuclides that are potentially important contributors to long-term dose, including technetium-99 and neptunium-237, are orders of magnitude less soluble in groundwater in reducing environments than other oxidizing conditions.”
This report and a secondary geologic property recommendation by the IAEA state the importance of maintaining a reducing chemical environment, “Not” like that of the non-reducing environment of Woomera, where 9,980 drums of radioactive waste, void of rolling stewardship will continue to rust.
Moreover, the non-reducing environment of Kimba fails to tick the boxes recommended by MIT and IAEA, it’s true we don’t live in a reducing environment like that of Sweden the birth place of Dr Carl Magnus Larrson of ARPANSA but he should be adroit that we/he can not erode nuclear safety with approving translocation of ANSTO’s radioactive waste.

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