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Australian Government could face an unwinnable legal case if Senate passes the Kimba Nuclear Waste Dump Bill

This information would substantially reduce the need of a central facility for the lower level waste generated the various
sources outside of the government.
While it is certainly regarded by international standards as desirable to have a centralised national or regional disposal facility for nuclear waste it comes down to the planning and nature of the facility and the government’s proposals in that regard are well short of the required standards.
This is where the government completely falls down with its proposals for Napandee as it is clear that it will want the facility for other uses and the notion of a centralised facility is rather meaningless.
From professional groups responsible for the removal of medical waste which has radioactivity as part of that waste from hospitals and other clinics and institutions it has confirmed as follows:
1. There are in fact more than 300 locations with nuclear waste around Australia and not the figure of 100 or more constantly quoted by the federal government.
2. The federal government entities have been constantly advised of their wrong figure but refuse to accept changing as over 100 locations is too entrenched in their planning and media releases.
3. They have all been told that none of the holders of the waste will use the so-called central disposal facility now to be at Napandee despite so much technically fallacious and uninformative arguments by the government and its entities.
4.The same applies to the contractor groups responsible for the removal and disposal of the radioactive medical waste who claim that the government’s proposals are unworkable and could lead to major liability issues due to safety issues.

5. The government has been notified in writing that its concept for one national centralised facility has been badly planned and not anywhere as safe as claimed – in fact the government and its entities have been asked to withdraw their claims and express the concerns of the holders and the contractors but have refused to do so.

6. It will be interesting to see what documentary evidence and materials will emerge from discovery in any contemplated legal proceedings against the government.
7. The foregoing information took some time to collate but again shows shows the disingenuity of the government in its various guises.

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