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News Corpse fervently promoting nuclear power to Australia

From THE AUSTRALIAN, 17 Feb 21,  ‘‘Think of the deaths that could have been avoided, since installing solar panels and wind turbines is a surprisingly dangerous exercise. The death toll from solar power per unit of energy supplied is more than five times as high as the death toll from nuclear, according to estimates from Cambridge House in Canada. By the same measure, nuclear power is 1000 times safer than coal and 400 times safer than natural gas. Yet still Albanese persists with the lame excuse that nuclear power is too dangerous to consider.”

Cambridge House doesn’t seem like a credible source for deaths in different power sources.

Cambridge House is a networking and “investment discovery” company that runs a mining and investment conference in North America

Maybe not the most reliable source of info, journalist at The Australian.

Some excellent scientists did, in fact, do meticulous studies, and documented illnesses,deaths, birth defects resulting from the Chernobyl disaster.  The Russian government happily collaborated with the West in a successful campaign to discredit those scientists.  Most notably Alexey V. Yablokov –

I wrote on the work of Wladimir Wertelecki, who documented birth defects in Belarus –  unfortunate title – but bear with it –  “A baby that has no head is a baby that has no head.”
From Sky News, 21 Feb 21,  “Broadcaster Michael McLaren says Australia has wasted “decades with silly moratoriums” on nuclear energy and that “we may well pay the price” for doing so.  “There is a growing sense of urgency now about which technology can provide the reliable baseload power Australia needs if coal is to go,” Mr McLaren said. “It is an issue of sovereignty and national security”.


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