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Australian Uranium Fuelled Fukushima Nuclear Reactors – theme for March 21


Please come along to this webinar discussing the Fukushima disaster which is an ongoing disaster that Japan is still pretending to the world is under control.

a FOE event page for the webinar:

9 March – WEBINAR.

7 pm Eastern time AAEDT

6.30 pm  Central rime South Australia

6 pm. Weatern Australia

Tuesday, March 9 at 10am Ramallah | 1:30pm Delhi | 3pm Jakarta | 5pm Tokyo | 7pm Melbourne
Language: English

Guest Speakers: Ayumi Fukakusa, Climate Change and Energy campaigner,

FoE Japan, Kirsten Blair Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation,, and Dr. Philip White,
Friends of the Earth Adelaide and author of the PhD thesis ‘Fukushima disaster and Japan’s energy policy.’


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Australian government obsessed with preventing legal appeals against its nuclear waste dump plan

Commenting on the opinion piece: They have let it come: now build it , In Daily Dave Sweeney, Australian Conservation Foundation InDaily 25 Feb 21

Sean Edwards’ defence of the federal governments push for a hotly-contested national radioactive waste facility near Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula fails to recognise that the deeply flawed plan has once more hit the rough.

Mr Edwards speaks of respect, but there is nothing respectful in the governments new legislation seeking to remove people’s rights to legally appeal or challenge the plan.

Access to a day in court is a fundamental democratic right, and the governments obsession with removing this should sound alarm bells in the wider community, just as it has in the Senate where the planned law was again deferred this week after it failed to garner broad political support.

The plan shirks the hard questions about responsible long-term radioactive waste management in favour of a sub-optimal short-term political ‘fix’.

The waste comes from the Lucas Heights reactor in Sydney. There is a growing call that it should stay at this secure federal site until there is a credible pathway for its long-term management. Moving it to an area in regional South Australia where there are far fewer management assets and resources is both unnecessary and irresponsible.

This is not a decision about on which hill to put a mobile tower. Deciding on Australia’s first purpose-built national radioactive waste facility requires much more evidence, effort and evaluation than has occurred to date.

If radioactive waste lasted as long as our politicians it would hardly be a problem. But it doesn’t. This is Australia’s most serious radioactive waste and some of it needs to be isolated from people and the environment for 10,000 years.

Our nation needs a credible, evidence-based approach to the long-term management of radioactive waste.

Sadly, neither Minister Pitt’s plan nor Mr Edward’s assurances deliver this. It is time the current approach was scrapped and the federal government got serious about advancing responsible waste management.

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Dr Helen Caldicott on Independent Australia tells The Truth About Nuclear Power

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