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A new motley crew of Australian politicians form “Friends of Nuclear”

Reporter Rosie Lewis, writing in THE AUSTRALIAN (25/12/21) recorded, with that  paper’s usual pro nuclear joy and delight, that 21 Australian politicians have signed up to this group.  They named only 9 of these MPs, a motley crew indeed, of minor party members, and 5 Labor Party ones.

It gets confusing, as Labor has a clear policy of prohibiting nuclear technology, ( excluding the Lucas Heights Opal reactor). But then, sabotage of Labor policies is not a new thing for Joel Fitzgibbon.  He opposes Labor’s climate policy  (which is strange, as nuclear’s big push is about purporting to combat climate change)

However, you can bet that the remaining 12 ‘nuclear friends’ would be Liberals and Nationals.

Meanwhile, the 9 mentioned have an  odd assortment of views on energy – some support renewable energy, some oppose. There’s some scepticism on climate change, where you’d expect nuclear being touted as the solution. And Pauline Hanson is on record as opposing the nuclear lobby’s plan for a nuclear waste dump at Kimba, South Australia.

“Dr Gillespie and Senator Gallacher said their priority was on educating other MPs — particularly within Labor — about nuclear energy.”  “We can introduce the best scientific minds into our parliamentary friendship group and bring them to Canberra.”

Of course, those “best scientific minds” will come from “Australia’s ­Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation and other government and industry bodies”  which function primarily as nuclear promoters, anyway.   I don’t think they’ll be inviting Dr Helen Caldicott, Dr Jim Green, or Dave Sweeney fron the Australian Conservation Foundation.

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