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Ordinary people do not get truthful information from the government on the Kimba nuclear waste plan

In today’s InDaily 01/03/2021 comment section from Barry Wakelin…..
“Fear is most likely true for many politicians and certainly intimidated.”
As a federal politician of 15 years 1993 to 2007 I expressed my views without fear – but as a humble civilian and departed Federal MP with my boots on, I observe manipulation and refusal to print factual questions which can never see the light of day because the political usage of organisations refuses to bring the light of clear explanations to issues like nuclear matters, for example.
No explanation on NHMRC / ARPANSA guidelines on no nuclear waste on “agricultural land”
No nuclear waste on government land ( the ultimate NIMBY proponents) and only on agricultural land and never on mining land is the new Australia. Out of Lucas Heights ASAP, even though as long as there is a nuclear reactor there producing nuclear medicine there will always be intermediate level waste there.
No emphasis or explanation of cyclotrons and their improving capacities.
The appalling record at Maralinga and particularly Radium Hill and many other locations is enough in itself to show the contempt for working Australians which confirms for me corporate Australia’s arrogance for ordinary people who ultimately carry Australia’s economic burden.
Well done to all those who fight the good fight against the irresponsible amongst us who will not look at the health consequences of their actions and worst of all, deliberately will not seek the truth to enable all of us to have “a fair go”.” – Barry Wakelin, Kimba

March 2, 2021 - Posted by | General News

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