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Kimba nuclear dump project is a futile exercise that will be rejected by the International Atomic Energy Agency

Peter Remta, 4 Mar 21 

For the past three years I have had to accept the disingenuous and ignorant comments by the federal government including the responsible ministers which quite frankly are at times personally offensive

I have been particularly disappointed by the comments of the present responsible minister Keith Pitt who from shortly after his appointment publicly stated that the whole Napandee community was highly accepting and in favour of the government’s nuclear waste facility in its locality when Napandee is no more than a farm with a population of the owner and his wife who are selling part of the property to the government for the facility.

In reality Napandee is better referred to as Kimba as the actual generic location

Regrettably from then on Pitt has continued with his ill informed and deceptive comments including his endorsement of the senior government officials who have also provided wrong and misleading information for the community

It is quite clear that the Kimba proposal will not get the necessary legislative approval even though Pitt has put implementing bill on the Senate order of business list on several occasions but never brought it on for a vote knowing full well that it would be defeated to the government’s embarrassment

While there are numerous technical and justifiable objections to the government’s proposals perhaps the most important is that the Kimba facility will not get the necessary licences for its construction and operations

It is considered at an international level that the Australian government and the regulatory entity of ARPANSA have fallen down badly on the licensing and other requirements in that regard and hence the International Atomic Energy Agency will demand a peer review by an external group which will take the whole process out of the government’s hands and lead to a swift rejection of the licence applications

No strong and effective relations and connections with leading experts in the field of nuclear waste are available to the government for its waste disposal plans

What is more the general view internationally is that Australia is lacking in any realistic expertise in nuclear engineering covering the storage and disposal of waste despite being so proficient in the mining of uranium and other radioactive materials

The Kimba proposal is a futile and purely politically driven exercise


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