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Australian Senate vote on Kimba nuclear dump delayed till mid-May, but dump opponents will be fighting on

Kazzi Jai-No nuclear waste dump anywhere in South Australia, 19 Mar, 21, 

No need to fret though – our Fight and Drive to STOP this FLAWED DUMP PROPOSAL is NOT GOING TO STOP! We always knew that this FIGHT was going to be a LONG SLOW BURN.
So we will use this time to keep people informed of any information which comes to hand including “underhanded” activities …. and call BLUFF ACTIVITY exactly what it is – BLUFF – when it occurs!
Banking on people conveniently “forgetting” is NOT going to work this time round!
We have worked too hard and fought too long to let this one slide!
We only have ONE CHANCE with this to get this right – not only for us now, but also for future generations! This FLAWED PROPOSAL -ON MANY FRONTS – SHOULD AND MUST BE TAKEN BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD – AND DEALT WITH PROPERLY!
Keep strong – Keep informed – Keep fighting!
And take comfort in the knowledge that NOTHING in government ever happens quickly!

March 19, 2021 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Federal nuclear waste dump, opposition to nuclear

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