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To 21 April – nuclear news this week

Global COVIcooled.D-19 death toll passes three million as pandemic shows no sign of slowing down.

‘Relentless’ climate crisis intensified in 2020, says UN report.  Pandemic had no effect on emissions but made impacts of global heating even worse for millions of people, report says.

NUCLEARThe news, (as usual, not covered much in the mainstream media) has been dominated by Japan’s decision to dump Fukushima waste-water into the Pacific Ocean.  That’s a process that will go on for decades. And, there’s no sign of the radioactive water ceasing to accumulate, as the melted cores of the damaged reactors have to be constantly cooled.

The most prominent nuclear news in mainstream media is the unrelenting push to depict nuclear as essential for fixing climate change. This deceptive claim is rarely questioned.  The current theatre of battle is Europe, watched with anxiety by the global nuclear lobby, as they seek tax breaks and subsidies.

Some bits of good news –    Sir David Attenborough supports new technology to enable true recycling of plastics.   Drought proof ”cooling houses” use salt water and cardboard to grow tons of healthy produce in the desert.


Persistent dishonest propaganda leading us to war against China. Australian Strategic Policy Institute sees nuclear submarines as a step towards the full nuclear chain. Australian-Chinese company Greenland Minerals to be thwarted in its bid for uranium and rare earth mining in Greenland. Australia’s democracy threatened, damaged, by News Corpse’s media domination, and government cuts to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). Australian miners in $4 billion lithium play to create world’s 5th biggest supplier.


Net Zero Without Nuclear. Puerile publicity tactics of pro nuclear publicist “Think Atom”.

U.N. experts concerned at Japan’s decision to dump Fukushima nuclear waste-water into the Paific. Fukushima: How the ocean became a dumping ground for radioactive waste.

Iran and Israel – the situation shows the strong connection between nuclear power and nuclear weapons– small nuclear reactors with enriched uranium fuel.        A quick return to the Iran nuclear deal is needed to avoid a real nuclear crisis.

Investigative journalism – Plutonium programs in East Asia and Idaho will challenge the Biden administration.

Electricity customers pay excessive costs for nuclear power – Egypt, Turkey, UK, France, Russia.

With breathless enthusiasm, media applauds another nuclear lobby confidence trick – ”Earth 300”.    Can cryptocurrency be justified in a climate catastrophe?  Catastrophic sea level rise predicted.

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