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University students to meet to plan climate activism.

Climate Strike Organising Meeting 

Wed 28 April | 2pm | Old Quad G10, Uni of Melbourne.

Come along to the first USCJ campus meeting of the semester, where we’ll discuss building the May 21 Uni Student Climate Strike at UniMelb, the university’s ties to the fossil fuel industry and how we’re going to rebuild the climate movement. USCJ is the best way to get involved in climate activism at Melbourne Uni, so don’t miss it! 

The oceans are rising, Texas experienced a life threatening snowstorm, hurricanes are ripping through Central America creating hundreds of climate refugees and NSW is flooding. Climate change is getting worse.

2050 targets are the new version of climate denial. We can’t wait decades into the future, we need to act now. We also can’t rely on climate summits to fix the issue. In Australia, it’s even worse with the gas-led economy recovery and Scott Morrison reminding us we should rely on the “animal spirits” of the business community to solve the problems while the Labor party continually pledges commitment to the coal industry after 2050. Our very own Melbourne Uni admin also has strong ties with climate criminals like Rio Tinto. 

We need a mass, radical student movement to challenge our uni to divest and create a political crisis for the government. 

Get involved with climate activism on campus! 

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