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On this site, for the first time ever, I am recommending donations to a cause


I have been, still am, so fed up with Australia’s cringing mainstream media – dominated by the Murdochracy. But they’re not the only ones. Even some of the ”alternative” media swallow the deceptions of our corrupt Federal Government.

Now, – I know that Michael West Media is in no way dedicated to the anti-nuclear cause. Nor even to environmental isses. Their focus is on turning the spotlight on the Morrison government and their crooked and grasping industry backers.

BUT – everything is connected, and in these crisis time of Covid-19 and climate change, Australia must join the progressive people of the world, and the nuclear free cause needs to be a part of this. It’s covered up, or lied about in the media. Yes the ABC tries, but it lives under the shadow of the Liberal Coalition’s goal to destroy it. We desperatelyu need this kind of investigative journalism

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