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Some highlights from the Senate nuclear waste dump debate

Greens: running most strongly on the waste issue as an example of systemic racism/ rights and history of Aboriginal resistance. Big parties are dumping on SA and we will not forget.

Rowan Ramsey apparently interjected ‘bullshit’ from the gallery during Lidia Thorpe’s speech – caused a fuss but no censure (“I didn’t hear the comment and so cannot rule on it” says the President)

Labor: disappointingly fulsome re ANSTO and on the same song sheet as the govt re nuclear medicine being the cause for the dump being needed. Kim Carr quite over the top re project of ‘genuine national importance’…and “I trust further judicial processes don’t lead to further delay”.

One useful thing Labor said was that the Govt “should explain why ILW should be moved from one temporary site to another”……this is an important door to further open….

Government:  pushed the argument that the dump is needed for medical purposes. The most surprising thing was that multiple Libs spoke of the facility as an important step in advancing a future nuclear power industry in Australia – very enthusiastic in making this link and talking up the domestic nuclear option….again, an area to further highlight in coming times.

I was able to listen only to parts of the debate. I wait for Hansard transcript. My impressions:

I found Labor’s explanation mealy-mouthed and hypocritical – pretending fulsomely that they support Aboriginal rights etc – when we know darn well that they won’t lift a finger or spend a cent on helping the Barngarla with their legal action against the dump.

Greens Senator Jordan Steel John was forceful in explaining the racism behind the dump proposal.

Independent Senator Rex Patrick gave impressive information onthe greater suitability of other sites, especially Woomera.

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