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THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper sinks to a new low in pro nuclear propaganda.

at left Zion Lights

Today’s THE AUSTRALIAN carries this article ”Savvy activists cast nuclear benefits in a fresh green light”. The article is by Claire Lehmann, who must be a real sucker to fall for such purile pro nuke spin, or , more likely, knows where the money is, in writing for News Corpse.

Claire Lehmann would appear to have swallowed the spin of Zion Lights. Zion Lights is certainly a talented self-propagandist, and is loved by the nuclear industry, because she pitches her pro nuke spin to young people, using popular media – Tok Tok and Instagram etc.

Below, on today’s Antinuclear, I’m republishing 2 articles which give some context to the background of Zion Lights.

July 5, 2021 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, media, spinbuster

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