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Too Much

The Climate in Emergency

Too much rain, to much drought, too much fire, too much waste, too much news. The problem is that I went hiking yesterday and, though I had a good time, got behind on some of my projects. Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem–there are certainly things I can say about climate change that don’t take very long to write–but this week doing less than a fully-researched piece seems wrong.

I have seen a photograph of a street in Europe piled with flood debris almost up to the second windows. I have seen a photograph of a pasture in Montana where the grass has died from drought, grass that was meant to be the winter forage of a herd of cattle–a family’s livelihood, gone. It seems important to weave all this together, to understand how it fits, and I am discombobulated by busyness, by mild but real sleep deprivation, by the…

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