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Resources Minister Keith Pitt and his bald-faced lies about the Leonora nuclear waste proposal

26 July Kazzi Jai on Whyalla Pitt lies

Federal Resources Minister Keith Pitt said the government did not receive detailed information to independently assess a site at Leonora, and couldn’t accept “unverified information” which could “cut short” the consultation and assessment process.”

This is the BIGGEST BALD FACED LIE Minister Keith Pitt has said yet!!

The current Leonora site proposal HAS been actively giving the Feds detailed information since 2017 I believe… EXACTLY the SAME TIME as Kimba was allowed to SUBMIT AGAIN into the mix after being taken COMPLETELY OFF the list in April 2016, after being deemed unsuitable!
Can’t have it both ways!

In fact ANOTHER site in Leonora Western Australia WAS in the mix back in 2015, as one of the SEVEN short listed sites deemed suitable by the Feds – by the then Josh Frydenberg as Minister at the time!
It was a different site in Leonora – but nevertheless, echoes the SAME SITUATION as Kimba in many ways!

July 26, 2021 - Posted by | Federal nuclear waste dump, politics, secrets and lies

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