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NO SUPPORT for NUCLEAR in the new report from Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC).

10 Aug 21, The report is comprehensive on the present and future impacts of global heating, and on what needs to be done. But nuclear power as a method for action is not included.

Indeed, nuclear power is barely mentioned, and when it is, its negative effects on climate and environment are mentioned.

Page 236 line 39 – “Radioactive fallout from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing (1940s–1950s) and urban smog (1950s– 1960s) first provoked widespread attention to anthropogenic aerosols and ozone in the troposphere”

Page 261 – reference to nuclear war and volcanic eruptions

Page 309 – another reference to impacts of nuclear weapons

Page 971 – line 23 – reference to a nuclear holocaust – in reference to future uncertainties

Page 1380 – line 33 discussion on 14C released from nuclear weapons uptake into the ocean

Page 3161 – line 15 – 17 “Thermal and nuclear electricity plants may be challenged when using warmer river waters for cooling or when mixing waste waters back into waterways without causing ecosystem impacts (Kopytko and Perkins, 2011; van Vliet et al., 2016; Tobin et al., 2018)

IPCC Full Report: 

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