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Why the nuclear lobby spruiks about climate change (when they really couldn’t care less) – theme for August 2021

It’s a breathtaking hypocrisy, in this month when we remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki – but the real purpose for new ”advanced”nuclear technology is simply support for nuclear weapons. ”Small nuclear reactors” have no hope of affecting global heating – quite the reverse – as they take funding and human energy away from genuine solutions.

Why does the nuclear lobby bang on about climate change?

Simply in order to get tax breaks and other financial incentives that go with being accepted as ”green” and ”sustainable”

This is why the nuclear industry, IAEA, and all the associated bodies and governments are bent on convincing everybody that the goal of nuclear power is to fight climate change.

The journalists buy their arguments, because those arguments are cleverly dressed up in technicaljargon – avoiding discussion of matters that journalists might understand better, (such as the costs, waste disposal problems, environmental and health impacts)

The essential connection with nuclear weapons is obscured, making everybody involved feel better.

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