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A positive outlook for Australia’s clean climate, nuclear-free, future- theme for September 21

As we head towards the Climate Summit, COP26 in Glascow, Australia ought to have a pivotal role to play in discussions on climate action. Unfortunately we have a federal government, and mass media, in the thrall of the polluting industries. Australians who care about their children’s future might well be ashamed.

However, there is cause for optimism. The Australian public is aware and wants action on climate change. A national poll, reported on August 30, shows that in every single electorate across the land, voters want more government action on climate change. Whoever is sent by the government to COP26 to muddy the waters on climate action, will not be representing Australians asa whole.

Meanwhile, Australians are taking up clean reneweable energy with enthusiasm. Reports on 31 August show the rapid growth in rooftop solar, ”AEMO forecasts rooftop solar would continue its boom and by 2026 would on its own supply 77 per cent of the demand in the National Electricity Market during the day.” ”Australia’s energy transition really does continue at pace and now our base case forecast by 2025 is the national electricity market can be supplied by 100 per cent renewable energy,

Australians have a proud history of environmental action. Particularly in relation to nuclear issues. We have, as Professor Ian Lowe puts it ”dodged a bullet” in rejecting nuclear power. Australians have been foremost in the nuclear disarmament movement, more recently in initiating The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) , which brought about the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Both in small local groups, and in organisations, (Friends of the Earth, Australian Conservation Foundation, ICAN, Extinction Rebellion, and more) there’s a wellspring of enthusiasm for saving the environment, and bringing about a nuclear-free world.

We now know that ”peaceful” nuclear power is absolutely connected to nuclear weapons (indeed, the nuclear industry now boasts of that). We also know that the nuclear industry is flat out publicising itself as ”clean and green”. A global task is to keep that dirty and dangerous industry out of the climate action policies to be decided on at COP26.

Australians have a role in local action to keep this country clean and nuclear-free, and also in joining with international non-government organisations in the global environmental movement.

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