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Agricultural land deserves protection from radioactive pollution

Barry Wakelin, Kimba. Stock Journal 2nd September 2021. The decision to place intermediate level waste at Kimba for a temporary period of a few decades makes it sound like the national green movement versus 54 per cent of the total Kimba community who said yes to a huge amount of taxpayer funding per vote.

There is just one farmer beneficiary for material that the Department of Defence says is too dangerous for its Woomera prohibited area and which 70pc of South Australians say no to .

A 400-strong group with a focus on respect for and representation of agriculture to achieve no nuclear waste on SA agricultural land has fought a six-year campaign against Australia’s most powerful political machine, known as the Australian federal government, who are yet to explain why they are in defiance of their own National Health & Medical Research Council guidelines of placing nuclear waste on agricultural land, which is 4.5pc of SA


Why, never on their own federal government-controlled land? The federal parliament now has two “temporary sites” for Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste (ILW) , one at the government-owned nuclear reactor site until 2037 and one at Kimba, while never seeking a permanent disposal site for ILW, even though a promise was made to find that permanent site, prior to commissioning the OPAL nuclear reactor almost 15 years ago at Lucas Heights in Sydney.

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