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This week – nuclear news, Australia and beyond

  •  Senator Matt Canavan – a chameleon of contradictions on coal and nuclear power.
  • NUCLEAR. While the pandemic goes on, not much physically is happening. But on the lobbying scene, it’s at fever pitch. The target is the European Commission. The goal is to get the Commission to declare nuclear power as clean, green and sustainable in the European Taxonomy.  And then on to inclusion in the COP 26 Climate Summit in November, so that the nuclear industry can get the money that goes with that acceptance. Even more beneficial-  by saving this failing industry, they’ll be able to keep old reactors going for longer, thus avoiding the huge costs of demolishing them, and thus kicking that problem down the road, for our grandchildren to solve.Delay in climate change action helps, too, as nuclear power is depicted as ”transitional” from fossil fuels.

    Coronavirus: What’s happening in Canada and around the world .    

    Climate changeFossil fuels must stay underground, scientists say

    A bit of good news – New data shows vaccines are cutting the risk of serious COVID-19.



    We need global action on climate, just like global action on pandemic – Jane Goodall. Jane Goodall still has hope for humanity. Here’s why.

    Vested interests — controlling the news about nuclear safety.

    UN General Assembly President calls for halt to nuclear tests.

    BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) reaffirmed commitment to preventing an arms race in space.

    Nuclear ”ethics” – fatally ill man kept alive against his will, in the cause of nuclear research. Irradiated man kept alive .

    British Scientist discovers the cause of cancer in the Hiroshima Black Rain survivors -2021.

    Thorium nuclear fuel has risks.

    ‘Fossil Free Media’‘ aims to redress the balance of well-funded press that opposes action on climate change.

     USA Bill to protect journalists – EXCEPT FOR JULIAN ASSANGE


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