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No solution to submarine nuclear waste. Australia would be crazy to take on this mess.

Donna Gilmore, 30 Sep 21,

There is no solution for the submarine nuclear waste. It’s a forever storage cost. I wonder who will pay for that? 
In the U.S. the spent fuel is stored in Idaho in spent fuel pools or dry storage in unsafe thin-wall steel canisters with steel lined thick concrete casks. The concrete casks have air vents for convection cooling so the thin-wall canisters are the only real barrier. The thick concrete is need to reduce gamma rays and neutrons since the 316L stainless steel canisters are too thin to stop those.

There is no way to maintain those thin-wall canisters or detect or repair cracks before the canisters crack. No repair or inspection technology exists once loaded with fuel. If you hear otherwise, it’s a lie. 

Each canister contains about one ton of spent nuclear fuel.The rest of the contaminated submarine is stored in trenches at Hanford, Washington. 
Each transport cask (holding one canister) costs $20 million. 
Europe and the rest of the world use maintainable thick-wall metal casks 10″ to over 19″ thick — with no air vents and no cracking problems. 

In essence, there is no good short or long term solution to store the nuclear waste since geological repositories are not technically feasible even for the short-term.
The best the world has is maintable thick-wall bolted-lid metal casks stored in hardened buildings. They will last much longer than the thin-wall canisters, but are not considered a permanent solution. 
Australia would be crazy to take this mess. 

September 30, 2021 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, wastes

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