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Minerals Council pushes for the nuclear industry, despite its failing record compared to renewables

Historic alliance reignites old debate over Australian nuclear energy, SMH , By Nick O’Malley, September 16, 2021  The head of the Minerals Council of Australia says the development of a nuclear submarine fleet provides the nation a great opportunity to build a domestic nuclear power capacity.

The council, which counts uranium miners among its members, has long supported the pro-nuclear case in a decades-old debate over the potential of a domestic nuclear energy industry for Australia, which the submarine announcement may reignite…….

Energy economist Bruce Mountain said he expected the submarine announcement would reignite the decades old debate over nuclear power in some quarters, but such a fleet would not change the Australian circumstances.

Wind and solar are now the cheapest sources of energy and nuclear remains by far the most expensive, he said.“Every single piece of key tech [in the mooted submarine program] would be imported, it is not the same as having an indigenous nuclear power industry,” he said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Australia is not seeking to acquire nuclear weapons or establish a civil nuclear capability, and it would continue to meet all nuclear non-proliferation obligations……..

According to the World Nuclear Status Report, an analysis of the global industry published annually by the Paris-based energy analyst Mycle Schneider, the world’s fleet of nuclear reactors provides about 10 per cent of electricity, but is ageing and shrinking…….

Last year Mr Schneider told the Herald and The Age that though nuclear energy was emission-free, money spent on nuclear power was a drain on clean energy development as it misdirected funds that might have been spent on faster and cheaper clean energy projects.

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