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The myth of “newer, safer, less expensive” nuclear power to fix the climate

Denise Duffield, – associate director of Physicians for Social Responsibility-Los Angeles 30 Oct 21.

The myth of “newer, safer, less expensive” nuclear power has promised for decades to deliver a magical climate solution.

Unfortunately, despite billions of dollars in research and development, subsidies, loan guarantees and liability waivers, and countless promises that next-generation technology was “just around the corner,” nuclear power is not and will never be that solution. It is far too slow and costly to impact the climate crisis, and it presents insurmountable threats to public health that will worsen as the climate crisis grows.


Radioactive waste generated by nuclear power will remain dangerous for thousands of years, burdening future generations for our short-sighted gain. We need to stop wasting precious resources on false solutions that prop up uneconomical and polluting industries and invest instead in truly sustainable, community-driven solutions.

 LA Times 30th Oct 2021

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