Australian news, and some related international items

Austrailian and overseas nuclear news this week

  PANDEMIC.  WHO Reaches Draft Consensus on Future Pandemic Treaty   More omicron cases pop up as world rushes to learn more.
CLIMATE CHANGE –  it hasn’t gone away. Keep up to date with Radio Ecoshock, and – Rebel Against the Crash.  Also Paul Beckwith –

NUCLEAR.  Again,France is in the news, as President Macron, (formerly opposed to nuclear) pushes for the industry. Meanwhile safety issues continue, and also concern over radioactive releases from La Hague into the seaMeanwhile the global nuclear industry watches with concern, as Britain struggles to organise the funding ( Regulated Asset Base) for its new nuclear plans.

AUSTRALIA. Kimba nuclear waste dump plan. Minister Keith Pitt confirms that the federal government has bought the land at Kimba for the national nuclear waste dump.  To set up nuclear waste dump , the Australian government will have to override South Australian State government laws     Kimba nuclear dump: Premier Marshall must enforce South Australia’s legislation. The Kimba nuclear dump is a long way from a done deal: needs formal environmental and regulatory assessment and approval.  Traditional owners expected to challenge nuclear waste facility in South Australia.  Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) asks people to comment on public health and radioactive waste dump.
Submarines.     French nuclear submarines a better choice for Australia . Australian Conservation Foundation comments to Parliamentary Committee on nuclear submarine agreement..

Fight for native title mining millions heads to Supreme Court | The Advertiser 

 Climate.  More Black Summers ahead as climate change increases risk of megafires: CSIRO CSIRO study proves climate change driving Australia’s 800% boom in bushfires.  Morrison Government failing young people on climate yet again       Climate change is driving a drier Australia. So why are we having such a wet year? – La Nina.   Australia could be the long-term winner worldwide with its solar energy.


Nuclear power being hyped in the media, but its prospects are grim.

Nuclear power for MINDLESS, ENDLESS, ENERGY use – data”farms” and Bitcoin.

Small modular reactors not the solution . Are small nuclear reactors actually small, safe, economic ?

Nuclear Fusion Recedes Into Far Future For The 57th Time.

Climate 129 reputable European and international organisations have signed up to letter opposing inclusion of nuclear and gas as being ”sustainable” and ”green”.

Latest COP 26 pledges will lead to 16% increase in carbon emissions, NOT the necessary 45% decrease.

Climate and biodiversity: mapping the irrecoverable carbon in Earth’s ecosystems. IEA: Rate of energy efficiency improvements needs to double to put world on track for net-zero.

Economic Cost Of Peak Population: Japan, China, The World..

CHINA. China calls on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) to make Southeast Asia a nuclear-weapons-free zone.


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