Australian news, and some related international items

Nuclear news this week – Australia and more

Coronavirus.    Omicron proves we’re not in control of Covid – ‘only global action can stop this pandemic’
Climate Change.   Heating at the Poles will determine the fate of this life on Earth.
Nuclear. Last week, it was France that dominated nuclear industry news. This week, it’s Russia and Norway.  The news brings together the issues of climate change and of nuclear danger. The melting of the Arctic now enables Russia to forge ahead with its search for mining fossil fuels there, with the result that  Norway is taking a keener than ever interest in monitoring levels of ionising radiation in the region,



 In the next extradition court case for Julian Assange, we can expect the judge there to be very biased against Assange. 

Analysis: Small Modular Reactors Are Decades Away. That Suits the Fossil Lobby Just Fine..

Nuclear risks are laid bare by COVID-19

Omicron Variant: For Better or For Worse?NATO foreign ministers meeting ends with veritable declaration of war.
Nuclear power is a failure – former French Environment Minister.
The nuclear consequences of cyber vulnerabilities.

Fact check: Is nuclear energy good for the climate? 

COP 26 agreement that energy efficiency investments needed for at least half of the investments needed to stall global heating..‘Deluge of plastic waste’: US is world’s biggest plastic polluter

Renewable energy growing at a fast pace, China and India leading the way. 

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