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Julian Assange’s freedom must be an Australian election issue

Dean Yates Free Julian Assange, 14 Dec 21,

   It’s time to make real noise in Australia about Julian Assange before he gets extradited to the United States. On social media, in the mainstream media, to politicians, on the streets, to your friends.

We need to make Julian’s freedom an election issue. Why? Because an Australian is being tortured in a foreign country for telling the truth about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s being held by a government (UK) that willingly participated in the illegal invasion of Iraq. Our own government eagerly took part too, remember. Not a single senior military or political leader from the United States has ever been held accountable for the killing fields of Iraq and the trauma they still produce. Yet the U.S. government wants to prosecute Julian for telling the truth. What stunning hypocrisy!

No inquiry has been held in Australia to determine why we signed up to an invasion based on lies. Yet our morally vacuous government sits on its hands while Julian suffers. His case is the biggest test of press freedom in decades. Make some noise Australians! Bring Julian home.

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