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Nuclear submarine wastes and Napandee – a backdoor way of starting Australian nuclear waste importing?

A frightening prospect!. Not only are these planned nuclear submarines completely unsuitable for the defence of Australia’s coastline, but now it looks as if they are a back-door way of achieving that old nightmare – of Australia taking in international radioactive trash.

Preparing for spent nuclear fuel disposal. MARITIME AND UNDERSEA WARFARE, Defence Connect, 06 DECEMBER 2021, By: Christopher Skinner, ”……………….We must therefore consider the requirement for the submarine spent reactor fuel at end-of-service life to be a responsibility for Australia and to plan accordingly.

The current work on the Australian Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste Storage Facility near Kimba, on; upper Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, has reached a decision point as reported by the ABC (Napandee chosen as nuclear waste storage site after ‘six years of consultation’), “Napandee, a 211-hectare property near the town of Kimba, has been acquired by the government and will be used to store low and medium-level nuclear waste. The property was already selected by the government but it had to allow an additional 60 days of consultation before it could formally declare the site.”

The implication of this decision for the nuclear submarine program is to show that concern for the full extent of the nuclear fuel cycle is relevant even if the development of the Australian NRWMF was not predicated on either the advent of nuclear propulsion with spent fuel to be managed, nor of the need to provide a permanent disposal facility for high level waste such as unprocessed spent fuel…..”

December 14, 2021 - Posted by | AUSTRALIA - NATIONAL, Federal nuclear waste dump

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