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Australia can be a leader – and avoid the nuclear fantasy

Australia already is a leader, in the dazzling success of renewable energy, – and that’s despite the concerted efforts of the Liberal National Coalition government to stall renewable energy.

The Murdoch media and the nutty Nationals continue to push for nuclear power, because they hang on to that old Pangea dream, of Australia becoming the radioactive nuclear garbage dump of the world, making $squillions for a few ruthless men, (and maybe for Gina too).

So- there’s the absurdity of the $170 billion nuclear submarines (useless for Australia’s defence) – and the current push for fleets of Small Nuclear Reactors, massively expensive and – to ”solve climate change”.

All of this is part of the global insane frenzy for nuclear power-nuclear weapons.

Australia does not have to be in that. Australia does not have to remain a cultural colony of the USA.

Sadly, that is where we are as of now. There’s no better symbol of this than the plight of Australian Julian Assange. His sin was to expose American military atrocities.

If the Australian government were to, for once, stand up to the USA bully, we might have a chance to stand up to the pressure to join the American nuclear military machine, and the nuclear fuel chain fantasy.

December 24, 2021 - Posted by | Christina themes

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