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Nuclear news Australia, and more, week to 27 December

It would be so good to welcome in the New Year with really great news. But, at least there are some indications of better news on the way, both in the unfolding pandemic story, and in efforts to stall global heating.    As for nuclear, in a bizarre way, the pandemic has been helpful to the clean energy cause.  The pandemic has caused delays in the ”supply chains”. Among other effects, this has made the push for small nuclear reactors (SMRs)  even more likely to fail. For example, despite the hype, Rolls Royce’s plan for SMRs for Qatar resulted in a fall for their share price, as the transport of parts is problematic.

Pandemic.  Omicron: bleak new year or beginning of the end for the pandemic?.   Scientists are cautiously optimistic that the variant may be a sign the virus is losing its power, despite the high infection figures.

Climate.  Earth’s Climate: Rapid and Dramatic Changes.


Australian government and Labor opposition ignore the suffering of Julian Assange. Can they afford to, as election looms?   

Traditional owners lodge legal challenge to planned Kimba nuclear waste dump. The Australian government has breached the rights of both black and white people of Kimba in depriving them of access to independent information on nuclear wastes.  Growing opposition to radioactive waste dump    Massive cask of nuclear waste to arrive in Sydney.  

 We froze’: What was this 1.3-metre missile doing at an Aboriginal heritage site?

Australians, like other nationalities, need to put pressure on their government to join the  UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) . 

 Australia is racing towards 100 per cent renewables.


Julian Assange’s lawyers start process for UK Supreme Court appeal against his extradition to America.

The science-based case for excluding Nuclear Fission Technologies from the EU Taxonomy .

Spent FuelThe risky resurgence of nuclear power.

Nuclear power has no business case and could make climate change worse.

Is the thorium-fueled “Molten Salt reactor a proven technology?

Report:  “Moving Beyond Missile Defense and Space Weapons”

Nuclear liabilities – the tax-payer is the insurer of last resort.

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