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Summary of the Julian Assange High Court case situation

The UK High Court will rule on the Assange Case on Monday.Here is a great summary by investigative journalist Tareq Haddad of what happens next:

1/ Breaking in Assange case: The British High Court will hand down a ruling as to whether the WikiLeaks publisher can appeal his US extradition case to the Supreme Court at 10.45am on Monday, 24 January

.2/ The ruling will determine whether the High Court “certifies” that the grounds raised by Assange’s defence have sufficient legal merit and public importance. If the application is certified, the Supreme Court appeal can proceed.

3/ If not, the case goes back to Westminster Magistrates’ Court where District Judge Vanessa Baraitser has been directed to send the case to Secretary of State Priti Patel to sign the order for extradition.

4/ She will then have two months to sign the order. If she does, only then can Assange’s defence team raise a new challenge to the High Court where they will seek to cross-appeal the points that went against them in DJ Baraitser’s January 2021 ruling.

5/ Assange’s defence also still has the option to lodge a case with the European Court of Human Rights, though I am told they are unsure whether to commence this process now or wait until the domestic appeals process is further along/exhausted.

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